Monday, March 12, 2012

too bad to say something

assalamulaykum wrt
alhamdulillah, wassalatu wassalamu ala rasuulillah.

after months pausing from writing something, i decided to just jot down a few words about what i really feel at the moment

Now when looking at the wall of facebook there are abundant of islamic and religious statuses and updates by friends. Seems like Islam is the priority for everyone.Alhamdulillah

Yes, world now is hungry for Islam and everybody try to talk about islam.. hurrying doing good deeds and forbidding the munkar. everybody try to make a change in life and many of them mujahadah trying to be istiqamah on this blessed road (may allah rewards them jannah).

Not few of us feel very pleasant with the level iman they possess. sometimes it is just our bogus feeling and fake chimera. only Almighty God knows and He is the only one that can Judge. Having no respect for others, freely downgrading people, great in preaching but opposite when it comes to 'amal.

Remember that Allah did forgive the sin of Adam a.s because of his mistake in controlling his desire but CURSE the Iblis for his arrogant and felt he is better than anyone else.

May Allah rewards those who are sincere on His path and gives the strength to those who are returning sincerely to their Lord.


  1. masyaAllah.. jzkk payid atas peringatan..

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  3. waiyyak, peringatan untuk diri sendiri juga.. =)